Best Neck Gaiters EVER!

Everyone's Neck Should Stick Out!

Neck Art Original Fleece Gaiters are Simply the Best Neck Gaiters EVER!

10 reasons why Neck Art Gaiters are so great:
1.  Made Entirely By Hand by me in my Park City Studio: I take photographs everywhere I go.  I select the most beautiful ones and then hand print the photographs on fabric and sew them into Gaiters
2.  I use ONLY Polartec Fleece made from recycled plastic
3.  My Gaiters DO NOT stretch out or pill
4.  They are soft, warm, and snuggly and feel great on your face on a cold winter day
5.  They Block the Wind:  The Jersey over layer will not let the cold breeze hit your face.
 6. SNOW DOES NOT STICK TO THEM on a powder day regular fleece gaiters turn into a icy, gummy, mess.  The soft jersey outer layer of my gaiter sheds the snow.
7.  They Celebrate the beautiful outdoors that we all love
8.  They are Beautiful to look at - wearable art, my colors are vibrant like no other gaiter you will ever see.
9.  They are easy to care for:  machine wash and dry, they will not fade or bleed  
10.  They are originals:  you will not find them anywhere else.  I only make a limited number of each design.   Don't be a clone, wear neck art.

Why Polartec?

At Neck Art I use Polartec Fleece exclusively.  I do this for several reasons.  First it is a wonderful fabric that is soft, wears well, and comes in a large variety of beautiful colors.  Second it is made in the USA.  Third, and most important of all,  Polartec fleece is made from 89% post consumer recycled plastic. My neck gaiters are used by people who love to be outdoors.  My goal is to keep our environment as pristine as possible and plastic waste, especially plastic bags and bottles, is not only a big polluter of our environment, but uses a very valuable non renewable resource, petroleum.   Recycling plastic is manditory because it helps conserve a rapidly disappearing unrenewable valuable resource and protects our environmentThink plastic is not a problem?  Please watch the video below